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Performing Ethics and Urban Leadership through the Arts and Humanities

photoThe purpose of this course is to engage students in scholarship and media from the arts and humanities related to diverse urban contexts and guide the students in making connections to urban issues in their local communities in Texas. This course will inform students about urban leadership and develop the skills, visions, and attitudes necessary for transformation of Texas communities. Students will become agents for social change and cultural development through the readings, activities, and writing assignments in this course.

Engaging Sustainable Design and Visual Culture in Urban Society:
Artists as Essential Leaders

photoThis course is an exploration of issues and cultural productions created by artists and other cultural workers as they relate to sustainable design and visual culture in urban environments. More specifically, the course will consider the roles artists and other creative individuals are playing in response to contemporary social, cultural, and environmental challenges.

Developing Urban Leadership: The Arts and Multimedia Technology

photoStudents in this course will be introduced to the impact of 21st century multimedia technology's impact on urban leadership and the arts. More specifically, students will learn how to incorporate 21st century technology on various projects (i.e., academic content, field-based experiences, film projects, museum visits, etc.) to improve the use of technology in urban environments. An emphasis of this course will be placed on audio and video pod-casting utilizing iTunesU at Texas A&M University as well as improving technology integration in urban leadership and the arts.

Enacting Multicultural Education for Future Urban Leaders

photoThis course is designed to supplement instruction of the Texas College Readiness instructor by helping high students to develop a knowledge base on the need for multicultural education and practical applications in the role of urban leadership. This course will utilize various learning designs that include role-playing, theater, filming, plays and improvisational skits.

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